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Will it EVER stop raining??

We all love a light shower, particularly if it happens overnight, followed by a warm sunny day - it helps lift our mood and certainly helps our plants grow strong and healthy. anyone else fed up with this endless rain and chilliness?

Yes, my garden is looking great, yes, my plants are growing magnificently, even the weeds, and I do feel that I shouldn't complain, however, I am am bored of having to dash about to do a half hour job outside before the heavens open, then in again to do something else, then out to try and trim some grass around the edges because it is just too wet for the mower again....and then the one day it is sunny and warm and suitable for all these jobs, I am stuck in the office and can't escape!

Also, I would love to sit outside with my partner and friends in an evening and breath in the wonderful scent of the roses, which are quite spectacular, even with a limited sprinkling of Rose and Tomato Feed! There are fewer of them, and they get battered quite quickly, but what are there are stunning and with my nose shoved right into them, smell amazing.

I have also had issues with seeds rotting in the ground before they get a chance to germinate, or those that have germinated then drowning because they are in seed trays outside, hardening up, and get's like an Olympic Sport of who can get to the seed tray first - me to empty it, the rain to fill it back up o that snippet of sunshine when I am out and about to bake the seedlings dry!

Years like this make us gardeners fitter, wetter, stronger, more frustrated and happier than you could ever imagine....and with obvious signs of climate change, it's gonna happen more often!

It's a good job that with every bottle of Goodlifegateway Plant food sold, we are donating £1 to the Woodland Trust to plant more trees!!

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