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I am Gwen Petitpierre, and I have been creating Organic Plant food for around 18 years now. It all started when my daughters were born and I really stopped to think about what I was feeding them and how the chemicals used in farming today could harm them in ways that we just don't know about, as well as those we do.

Having always had an interest in gardening, particularly fruit and veg, I started looking at the ways the early Victorians ran their walled gardens, and how everything was used to regenerate the soil to improve production, without any chemical enhancements.

Good produce is all about the quality of the soil and the micro-organisms contained within it. When you feed the soil, you feed the plant and it can't help but do well, be disease resistant and flourish. Companion planting can also help reduce pest damage, all of which means there is no need to use harmful sprays and pesticides to produce a beautiful garden, whether it is shrubs and flowers, fruit and veg, or just plain lawn!

All of my  plant foods are Organically Certified through Organic Famers and Growers, all are safe for children, pets and wildlife, and, as importantly, they work!


Coldharbour Farm is owned by my parents, and as they have become older, they have gradually handed over to my brother, Tony and I. We run multiple small enterprises, however, it has given me the opportunity to grow all the raw materials for my plant food in a secure and long term environment. It also means that I can be absolutely sure that they are grown in an Organic way, with no contamination.

Thank you again for your extensive and interesting discussion about our apple tree. We have been enjoying it very much. The first thing I would like to do is order the fertiliser! Mrs P, Harrogate

Gwen's plant foods provide amazing results. I will never sow another bean or pea without giving it a damn good overnight soaking in Leaf & Stem!

Excellent and friendly service, superb products - highly recommended

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