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Liquid Organic Plant Food

WELCOME TO Goodlifegateway

We offer 4 varieties or Liquid Organic Plant Food, all of which are produced on our farm in East Sussex and are certified via Organic Farmers and Growers.

We have Leaf and Stem support, a good nitrogen rich food to support plant health and the development of folia growth, along with the improved germination of hard seeds if they are soaked overnight.

We have Roses and Tomato feed, and Fruit and Flowers, both of which are rich in potassium, the basic nutrient that plants require to be able to produce good strong flowers and from there, seeds, which of course are quite often fruit we harvest!

We also have a Multi Purpose feed, which is rich in multiple nutrients and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

All of our feeds are kind to the environment, safe for pets and children alike, as well as wildlife.


With every bottle purchased, we will donate £1 to the Woodland Trust

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